Surah 4, Verse 97

As for those whose souls are taken by the angels (at death) while in a state of unbelief, they will be asked by the angels: “What (state) were you in?” They will answer: “We were oppressed in the land.” And the angels will say: “Was not God´s earth large enough for you to migrate?” Their…

Surah 4, Verse 95

The faithful who sit idle, other than those who are disabled, are not equal to those who fight in the way of God with their wealth and lives. God has exalted those in rank who fight for the faith with their wealth and souls over those who sit idle. Though God´s promise of good is…

Surah 4, Verse 94

O believers, when you go out on a journey in the way of God, be discreet and do not say to anyone who greets you in peace: “You are not a believer.” You desire the gain of earthly life, but there are prizes in plenty with God. You were also like him (an unbeliever) in…

Surah 4, Verse 93

Any one who kills a believer intentionally will be cast into Hell to abide there for ever, and suffer God´s anger and damnation. For him a greater punishment awaits. — Quran 4:93

Surah 4, Verse 92

It is not for a believer to take a believer´s life except by mistake; and he who kills a believer by mistake should free a slave who is a believer, and pay blood-money to the victim´s family unless they forego it as an act of charity. If he belonged to a community hostile to you…

Surah 4, Verse 91

You will also find persons who, while wishing to live in peace with you as well as with their own people, turn to civil war the moment they are called to it. If they do not keep away from you, nor offer you peace nor restrain their hands, seize them and kill them wherever they…

Surah 4, Verse 90

Except those who take refuge with a people allied to you, or those who, weary of fighting you or their people, come over to you. If God had so willed He would surely have given them power over you, and they would have fought you. If they keep aloof and do not fight, and offer…

Surah 4, Verse 89

They wish you to become disbelievers as they are, so that you should become like them. Therefore hold them not as friends until they go out of their homes in the way of God. If they do not, seize them wherever they are and do away with them. Do not make them your friends or…

Surah 4, Verse 88

How is it that you are divided in two factions about the hypocrites? God has routed them for what they were doing. Do you wish to guide him to the path whom God has allowed to go astray? As for him whom God allows to go astray you will not find a way. — Quran…

Surah 4, Verse 86

When you are greeted with a greeting, then greet with one fairer, or repeat the same greeting. For God takes account of all things. — Quran 4:86

Surah 4, Verse 85

He who intercedes in a good cause will surely have a share in the recompense; and he who abets an evil act will share the burden thereof; for God (equates and) is watchful of all things. — Quran 4:85

Surah 4, Verse 84

So fight on in the way of God (irrespective of the others). You cannot compel any one except your own self; but urge the believers to fight. It may well be that God will keep back the might of the infidels, for God´s might is greater, and severe His punishment. — Quran 4:84

Surah 4, Verse 83

And when any tidings of peace or war come to them they spread the news around. Had they gone to the Prophet or those in authority among them, then those who check and scrutinize would have known it, And but for the favour of God and His mercy you would certainly have followed Satan, except…

Surah 4, Verse 81

They say: “We obey;” but when they leave your company, a section of them discuss at night other things than you had said; but God takes note of what they discuss. So turn aside from them and trust in God; and God is sufficient as protector. — Quran 4:81

Surah 4, Verse 79

What comes to you of good is verily from God; and what comes to you of ill is from your own self (your actions). We have sent you as apostle to all mankind; and God is sufficient as witness. — Quran 4:79

Surah 4, Verse 78

Death will overtake you wheresoever you be, even in the mightiest of towers. Yet if some good comes their way they say: “It is from God;” and if it is evil that befalls them, they say: “It is indeed from you.” Say to them: “Every thing is from God.” O, what has come upon the…

Surah 4, Verse 77

Have you not seen the people who were told: “Hold back your hands (from attacking), observe your devotional obligations and pay the zakat?” But when they were commanded to fight, behold, a section among them were filled with fear of men as though it were the fear of God and even more, and said: “O…

Surah 4, Verse 76

Those who believe fight in the way of God; and those who do not, only fight for the powers of evil; so you should fight the allies of Satan. Surely the stratagem of Satan is ineffective. — Quran 4:76

Surah 4, Verse 75

What has come upon you that you fight not in the cause of God and for the oppressed, men, women and children, who pray: “Get us out of this city, O Lord, whose people are oppressors; so send us a friend by Your will, and send us a helper.” — Quran 4:75

Surah 4, Verse 74

Those who barter the life of this world for the next should fight in the way of God. And We shall bestow on him who fights in the way of God, whether he is killed or is victorious, a glorious reward. — Quran 4:74

Surah 4, Verse 73

But if success comes to you from God he will say, as though no love existed between you and him: “I wish I were with them, for I would have certainly met with great success.” — Quran 4:73